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What We Do

VRSMEDIA specialises in ‘pay per lead’ digital marketing. Forget expensive agencies that swindle you with confusing ‘advertising’ jargon who expect a long term retainer contract and then sadly underperform.


We sell 'QUALIFIED' leads your sales team will love, which also provides you with an instant ROI.


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Lead Generation

We generate web leads on 'a cost per lead' system. We have the capacity to generate anywhere from 50 - 5,000 per week ensuring fully qualified, segmented and ready to buy.

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Global Reach

Whether you're providing financial help to Australians or offering comprehensive Insurance schemes to Canadians, we can help. 

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Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

We use state of the art, sophisticated A.I software to ensure that your customised landing pages, funnels, and advertising are optimized for generating large volume leads. It allows us to deliver you warm, qualified and ready to purchase leads on demand.  

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Security & Sustainability

ACCC Verified with airtight cybersecurity. We take pride in keeping yours and your customer's data secure.

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Sales Funnels

We build your branded advertising funnels for you, at no cost if you order leads from us.

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Landing Pages

We pride ourselves in being landing page nerds. We'll strategise, design, nurture and tailor pages to ensure that it's optimised for high volume lead generation

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The Only Way Is Up

Watch your businesses grow. Most agencies have it wrong! They focus on clicks, traffic, and most importantly hefty unwanted monthly retainer contracts. We keep things simple. We are an ROI and performance-driven agency. 


VRS MEDIA is dedicated to offering both high-quality B2C or B2B leads whilst offering outstanding "Return On Investment". Our promise is simple, we will deliver to you the very industry leads without exception.

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